Skelton cum Newby – Christ the Consoler

Christ the Consoler, Skelton cum Newby

This church, in the country estate of Newby Hall, North Yorkshire, was built in 1871-6, as a commemoration to Frederick Vyner, who was kidnapped and murdered by brigands in Greece, during a rescue attempt by Greek troops.  An unused ransom was used to build this church (another church was commissioned on a nearby estate at Studley Royal).  The church was built by William Burges.




Fixed around the outside walls are a number of stone wall plaques bearing various coats of arms (armorial). I’ve picked the detail out of a couple.


There are some small sculptures above the entrance to the porch and the west end window.


Skelton cum Newby

There is a small door in the south side of the chancel – it’s middle opening but the frame narrow enough for a single door.

Door of Chiurch at Skelton near Newby Hall

The main door, the south porch, has some elaborate ironwork.


Christ the Consoler, Skelton cum Newby

I don’t usually visit ‘new’ churches, concentrating of those with medieval roots instead, so my visit here was quite eye opening.  Relatively dark, because of the stained glass, the seemed to be almost a sense of scaffolding round the walls because of the many decorative columns.  It seemed a shame that in the building they chose to use a dark grey for some of the columns, unfortunately these gave me the impression of waste pipes – my modern sensibilities I have no doubt.  I don’t thin there was any wall area that wasn’t decorated in some way – pillars and arches everywhere.

Skelton cum Newby

Decoration Above Chancel Arch Nave Side

Chancel Arch, Skelton cum Newby


Detail under organ balcony

Figure under the arrangement of decorative organ pipes – one each side.

Choir Stall Ends

Skelton cum Newby

Stained Glass

As I mentioned elsewhere in my blog, this particular church is decorated with stained glass in every window, including the clerestory – I can’t remember visiting a church with quite so much.  Many of the windows take clauses from various parts of the bible.

Font Cover


The church is looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust.



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  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. Great photos, just love the colours in nave 🙂

  3. impressive – very well captured… 🙂

  4. so much of interest – your eye for detail makes the virtual visit so worthwhile p.s. am following you to church now too!

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