Goldsborough – St. Mary the Virgin

St. Mary the Virgin, Goldsborough, North Yorkshire




4 Responses to “Goldsborough – St. Mary the Virgin”

  1. If the church and the markers could talk, what would they tell us?

    • Watch this space?
      On the one hand little changes, on the other, every new day can reveal something hidden.

      • Yes!

        Marla at church asked me once, “Why do you take so many photos of the altar every Sunday before Mass?”

        “Because everything about it changes— the lighting, the window through which the sunlight shines on the altar, the colors, the seasons, the time of day, the angles, my perspectives. Sooo much!”

        So, yes. Every day… even more often than just once a day… change is evident, especially when one’s third eye sees beyond the beyond.

      • There is no doubt that the light in churches is forever changing. I usually use a tripod for my photography inside churches, which means I can work with the low light of an overcast day – when the light can be the softest.

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