Alne – St. Mary

Alne Church, North Yorkshire

St. Mary’s Alne, North Yorkshire, is one of the few churches in my area, that I can recall, where a significant presence of red brick is apparent.  There are clearly a lot of phases of construction to bring the church to its present form. I’ve only managed a brief visit so far.

A pre-conquest lintel is located above the priest’s door and the south doorway is Norman.

Her feet resting on a dog, this lady is thought to be a member of the Eliker family.

Effigy of a lady

Effigy of a lady


The pulpit – one of my sources claims Wesley preached from it – is dated at 1626.

Pulpit, dated 1626.

Pulpit, dated 1626.


The circular Norman font is decorated with a band of knot-work – (Saxon influence?).

Norman Font

Norman Font


Alne Church, North Yorkshire

There be mice in this church! This piece of woodwork is manufactured by ‘The Mouseman’ Robert Thompson.  Where it is in the church, I’m not going to reveal – I only saw it by chance myself!

For a fascinating anecdote of a Victorian incumbent visit  – sounds like a great idea for a script in a Soap to me!


3 Responses to “Alne – St. Mary”

  1. Such an interesting church – ancient to modern. I do love The Mouseman!

  2. A wonderful church; I visited it a few years ago. Please see my new entry regarding Alne on the blog

    Any comments, corrections, etc are welcome.

    • Hi Tom! Apologies for delay in replying but my pc has been out of commission while transfer everything to a new one.
      Sounds like a fascinating story to me, I can imagine the local scandal must have been marvellous. I’ve taken the liberty of adding a link to your piece from my Alne church page – I’m presuming that’s okay, if not I can take it down, just let me know.

All comments welcome.

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