Acaster Malbis – Holy Trinity

Acaster Malbis, North Yorkshire, The Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Church, Acaster Malbis is on the outskirts of York in North Yorkshire.

Holy Trinity is a cruciform shape, not particularly common in this part of the world.  Its construction was in the early 14th century with significant additions and restorations in 1886.

Holy Trinity Church, Alcaster Malbis, York.

Because the bell tower is over the centre of the cross the ropes hang into the middle of the space, these can be seen tied off to the right.  To the right of the East window, the piscina can be seen.  To the piscina’s right is the effigy of a knight.  The organ fills the space in the south arm of the cross.

Some of the stained glass windows have been restored, where possible the original glass has been used.  One window has been glazed with a mishmash of various old glass.

Wall Painting, Holy Trinity Church, Alcaster Malbis, York.

An area of early wall painting is visible – I don’t know whether the work continues under the heavily white-washed walls – but if it does it will be safe there for the time being.

Medieval Tub Font


This wooden plaque of 1687 bears the legend “Fearr God Honour the King” with a lion and unicorn.  1687 was an important date for the UK – on 4th April King James II and VII of Scotland proclaimed the Declaration of Indulgence or Declaration of Liberty of Conscience – the start of establishing freedom of religion in the British Isles.


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  1. I so have to do Yorkshire 🙂 Beautiful photos.

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