Little Ouseburn – draft



View of Little Ouseburn Bridge from the church.


9 Responses to “Little Ouseburn – draft”

  1. “Ecclesiarium” ? – wunderbar. I have no religion, but I do love old churches. I suppose it’s because back , they KNEW god existed. Inmagine not really needing faith !!!
    Thanks for this, VERY MUCH, Stephen ! And yes, I see exactly what you mean. 🙂

    • 🙂 – I’ll leave the question of your own beliefs to you – one of the reasons I chose what I understand as the Latin for churches (though, this might not be completely sound) is to try to detach any question of faith from my blog. I will inevitably touch on the subject, but only in a reportage kind of way. But, I can only respect the strength of belief the people who commissioned and built our churches. Our churches carry so much history of various kinds, it’s difficult not to take at least a passing interest in them and many of them are such atmospheric places because of this, especially if you are there on your own.
      The British countryside, is almost manmade, current generations building on what went before – which is one of the reasons it’s so diverse for such a small country.

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