Bardsey – All Hallows

Bardsey Church

All Hallows in Bardsey, West Yorkshire, is believed to be one of the oldest in Yorkshire.  Certainly, some of the stonework in the west end wall shows evidence of ‘long and short’ work – and it seems to have been built on an earlier porch, as evidenced by the gable shape in the stone surrounding the central window.  (See below for link detailed .pdf file.)

There is a Norman doorway in the south porch.

On the chancel wall and the west end there is evidence of former (Anglo Saxon) roof lines.

Towards alter

Towards alter


In most churches, one of the big problems with relying on natural light is the huge dynamic range that can present itself, but it’s important for me to try to represent the true atmosphere of the individual churches.  Having said that, the church at Bardsey is provided with a significant amount of electrical lighting, which seems to be on all the time the church is open.

Examples of some of the capitals on the pillars of the arcades – Norman and Decorated – to my eye some restoration seems evident.

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Further detail.

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The West Yorkshire Joint Services website has a .pdf file the gives a full outline of the architectural evidence present in All Hallows.



Waiting for choir practice

"Peace" - Bardsey Church




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