Splayed Lancet


This window reveal is deeply splayed with provides much more light through the thick walls of the church – the right hand window of the picture below shows the outside window opening.   (A detail of the chancel of Little Ouseburn church, North Yorkshire.)




~ by Stephen G. Hipperson on 21, April 2015.

2 Responses to “Splayed Lancet”

  1. Hi Stephen, just found your site by accident, I’m impressed, I am researching my own blog at the moment-‘Yorkshire Village Church Drives’, it’s work in progress but I hope to have it running this winter,your info. is useful and your photo’s v good (better than mine) are you still researching new churches?

    • Hi Sean, apologies for delayed reply, but I’ve not been able to get near my pc over the last few days.

      What exactly is your project? (Does it refer to drives to churches or drives at churches?)

      I’ve not done a church for a few months now. The timeslot I allocated for it disappeared. I’m hoping to get back to it sometime soon, but various family matters have put a bit of a kibosh on things until they resolve themselves. I have a backlog of images from churches that I’ve visited I’ve yet to process.
      During the process of putting my churches blog together, I’ve come to realise that the blog format may not be the best solution. So that’s in the back of my mind too.

      My primary interest tends to be photographic and increasingly architectural. I’m always interested in capturing the paraphanalia and the details that I find in churches.

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