16th C. Reredos

16th Century Reredos, Well Church

This reredos is thought to have been crafted by Dutch carpenters.  It is located in the North Aisle of Well Church.  There is a story that it was found behind a cupboard in a local home, before being placed behind this simple alter.



~ by Stephen G. Hipperson on 18, October 2014.

4 Responses to “16th C. Reredos”

  1. I wish I could find one of these behind a cupboard of mine! Beautiful!

  2. Extremely beautiful. In Finland we have something old:

    Church of Vanaja.

    • A nice church, beautiful piece of carving for the reredos. In the case of Well Church, the craftsmanship is somewhat cruder than that shown in ‘your’ church.
      The church itself is based on 12th Century foundations, a significant amount of the original tower remains. The church was significantly restored in 1844 by the Victorians (never a good thing from an historical point of view).

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