Monument to Lady Milbank

Memorial to Lady Margaret Millbank, Well Church

This wall mounted memorial is on the south wall of the church of St. Michael in Well, North Yorkshire.  It was created by Sir Richard Wesmacott RA.

In itself, the memorial seems like so many others I see in my church visits – but this one is made unique by the fact it has its own ‘spotlight’ created by a carefully placed hole in the roof above and a mirror to direct the skylight.  The overcast conditions on the day I visited prevented me from seeing the exact detail of the skylight but it seems as if it wasn’t particularly watertight as a bucket had been place on the pew beneath.

I plan to revisit in the next few weeks or so.



~ by Stephen G. Hipperson on 16, October 2014.

2 Responses to “Monument to Lady Milbank”

  1. Sounds very ‘do it yourself’! I am sure the powers that be would never allow any church to do this nowadays.

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