Reflective Hymns

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I took a shot of this little fellow gnawing the end of a choir stall, but felt I really would like some light onto it’s face.  So grabbed a nearby hymnal, opened it up and it turned out to be just the job for reflecting the light from the window onto the face of the carving.  Of course, whether one version is ‘better’ than the other is open to debate, but I thought it was a good example of making use of what comes to hand.



~ by Stephen G. Hipperson on 21, June 2014.

6 Responses to “Reflective Hymns”

  1. It’s a great, creepy effect watching his face light up and dim again!

  2. It is good to see his face clearly – a nice effect.

  3. oh if only I noticed the light of the hymnal during all those services – clever use and it works perfectly. Now we can see what will be gnawing at our souls if we are damned

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