St. Nicholas, West Tanfield

St Nicholas West Tanfield

A dark and wet day forced us to go ‘churching’ (not in a childbirth sense, of course!).  The first we visited, while quite interesting architecturally, was just a bit too dark on the day for my photography partner, so we drove around along the heavily puddled roads and went inside the church of St. Nicholas at West Tanfield, North Yorkshire.  As it had fairly large windows the light wasn’t too bad.

Heavily restored in the Victorian era, it was difficult to decipher what was genuinely original or what was restored against the Victorian aesthetic. Nonetheless, there was enough to keep us occupied in a photographic sense for a couple of hours.  As usual with these buildings that still serve the local community, there was a fascinating mix of old and contemporary and a definite sense of ‘this is ours’ (not in a possessive sense, but a sense of sharing).



~ by Stephen G. Hipperson on 29, May 2014.

2 Responses to “St. Nicholas, West Tanfield”

  1. Wonderful church, and how nice contrast with the colour of blue carpet… I loved it. Thank you, love, nia

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