Another Can of Worms


A new church visited, my normal Wednesday commitment cried off this week so off I went.  Within the church there is a collection of old wooden carvings, this is an example.  I thought this might be a nice taster as it has a date of 1688 at the bottom.   On a whim, I looked up the date in Wikipedia (like you do).  Seems this is the date for the ‘Glorious Revolution’, the overthrow of King James II of England.  I’m not a historian, I’m a photographer…. but of course, I’m going to have to look into it, particularly as there seems to be some religious significance….. is it relevant to ‘my’ carvings? Probably not, but…..


I didn’t notice at the time, but it seems as if there is further photography to do (from my perspective) – it seems the monk’s robe bears a gently worked design on it.  The piece is very difficult to photograph as it sits right next to a large window – flare being a big problem.

More to follow.



~ by Stephen G. Hipperson on 10, April 2014.

7 Responses to “Another Can of Worms”

  1. Interesting 🙂

  2. Are you on a Diet of Worms, then?

  3. The “monk” seems to represent St Lawrence, whose attribute is the braziere with which he was brought to martyrdom in 258 in Rome.

    • Thank you for your advice!
      It comes to mind that at some time in the future I really need to put together some kind of ‘glossary of saints’ with their attributes, based on the images that I capture.

  4. Coming to think of it – the other figure might be Katharina of Alexandria whose attribut is the wheel.

    • Again, thank you!
      I believe the carvings were imports to the church from elsewhere… where I don’t know, nor do I know when, or why…. something else to research at some time.

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