Slow But Sure


This ‘beast’ of a stove warms the church at Alne in North Yorkshire.  The legend across the centre reads ‘Slow But Sure’.  It was made by Portman and Son of Falstead, Essex.  Not sure it was working when I visited the church – it was pretty cold inside.  From my limited exploration of churches, this is the first stove of this kind that I’ve seen.



~ by Stephen G. Hipperson on 8, March 2014.

2 Responses to “Slow But Sure”

  1. Interesting, I must say that the only large stoves I have come across have been in Ely Cathedral and they were monster ones, about 4 of them. Most of the churches that still have services here have either under floor heating or heaters attached to the columns. But I think I would rather have the stove to look at, its more interesting 🙂

    • Same here – though I guess there must be a safety issue about a major heat source in the nave.
      Some of the pipe/steel work to drive the heating in churches can be interesting in it’s own right.

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