Welcome to my new blog called Ecclesiarum.

It’s a blog dedicated to my photography of churches.  Previously, I have been posting in my principle blog stephenhip.wordpress.com but this has been somewhat haphazard and as I wanted to use it as a reference point pretty much of a nonsense.  It seemed a natural option to share this reference with others, hence Ecclesiarum.

Basically, I will be adding a page for each church – which may be subdivided into subject, depending upon the quantity of pictures I take.  Initially, I will be duplicating (and augmenting) the churches I’ve already shown in my main blog, before extending the collection.   Some churches may be ‘marked’ by a single external view, but I hope to add further images as I revisit.

As I’m not an historian or architectural expert, I have to rely on the work of others to help me out with any descriptions/identities I may add – to this end I’ve added a reference page under the About tag.   I’ve tried to mind plan how the blog will build – I think I’ve covered all the angles, but it’s always possible that I will have to wiggle things to improve things for myself as I go along.  Any feedback is welcome.

The additions to Ecclesiarum are likely to be somewhat sporadic – but, hey, if you don’t start you don’t go anywhere.



~ by Stephen G. Hipperson on 25, March 2013.

8 Responses to “Hello!”

  1. Interesting name!

  2. I’ll look forward to posts Stephen – I love the old churches.

  3. Great find. I enjoy being in a church especially the older the better. Stain glass windows, thick walls, etc.

    • 🙂 – indeed.
      The main problem is they can be so interesting and contain so much history it takes a longer to research the various elements than the visit to the church and there’s invariably something I’ve missed. 😉

  4. Fandastische Aufnahmen!

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